Adding core values

Adding core values

Adding your organisation's care values is a simple task in Empiraa. 

We have preloaded over 80 different core values. 

  • These are selected by clicking on them.

  • Once green with an outline and a tick on it has been selected.

  • A minimum of four values are required.

  • A maximum of eight core values are allowed.

  • You can search for core values in the Search Core Values field.

  • To see selected Core Values, select Show Only Selected.

  • The top left-hand side, will indicate how many core values are selected.

  • You can select if you Allow staff to see our core values. This can be deselected.

Adding Custom Core Values.


To create your own Core Values, you can do the following.

  • Select Add customer core value

This page will pop up



  • Name. Enter here the Core Value name you wish to enter.

  • Description. This field will allow you to put a description of the Core Value here.

  • Select Icon. Selecting this button will bring up the following.


You can align the icon to the Core Value.

  • In the Filter Grid field, type a topic that aligns with your Core Value. Example: Be happy, type smiley face.

  • Press the icon you wish to select.

  • Hit select to confirm the selection.

  • This action will take you back to the Core Values screen.

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